🚜 Farming News

  • Apple picking at a Virginia Farm

    It is September and autumn is in full swing. Fall is the perfect time to be outside; the air is cool, the sun is shining and every tree is an explosion of color. Now is a perfect time for a weekend excursion to a local Virginia farm for apple picking. This is the season to begin or expand on family traditions. A family outing of apple picking is just the thing for a cosy fall nature filled weekend. Apples are wonderful eaten just as they are, baked in a pie or drunk as hot or cold apple cider. Virginia has quite an array of family farms that have apple orchards, many with pick your own options. Visiting one of these lovely orchards is the perfect way to spend some quality family time. Below you will find 4 beautiful Virginia farms where you can pick apples, tour cideries and take part in cider tastings. Continue reading

  • A Modern Update to Farmhouse Decor 

    Have you recently decided to live life at a slower pace? Perhaps you have decided to put down roots in a beautiful Virginia farmhouse and now all you need to do is decorate. Your beautiful new home is a true old farmhouse and you want to keep the aesthetic without feeling as though you have stepped back into an earlier time. In 2021, like many things, farmhouse decor style has changed. Rooms that once were covered with words and phrases, cutesie animal prints, red and white checkered patterns and big sliding barn doors have been replaced with a simpler more refined farmhouse look.  Continue reading

  • Farming as a hobby or for profit in Virginia

    You have fallen in love with Virginia and want to buy a farm of your own. Virginia is the perfect place to start your very own farm. Farming is the largest private industry in Virginia with almost 46,000 farms in the state.  Some things you may want to consider as you are looking at Virginia farms for sale.  Continue reading

  • Virginia Mountain Farms and Farmland

    The summer days that I spent on my grandmother’s farm were some of the best days of my young life. No TV or video games, just green grass, fresh air and sunshine. Collecting eggs from the chicken coop was always an adventure. You had to be a little stealthy and quick because the rooster could be a bit mean. We helped my grandmother and mom plant the garden in the early spring and when the time came we would help pick the ripened vegetables. Well to be fair, we probably ate more than we actually put into our basket. To this day I believe that there is nothing that tastes better than freshly picked sweet peas. Our days were filled with exploring my grandmother’s acreage, playing with the baby ducks, horse and dog. Our meals consisted of freshly killed and then roasted chicken, farm fresh eggs for breakfast and delicious garden vegetables. We didn’t need a grocery store and we knew where all of our food came from. If you have ever thought about your children experiencing a life spent outdoors, learning the benefits of hard work and learning to respect all living creatures, then perhaps farm life is for you. Continue reading

  • Farming Hemp: The New Cash Crop

    Whether you’re a farmer in Virginia or elsewhere in the US, hemp is becoming increasingly profitable across the country as it becomes easier for farmers to legally grow. Industrial hemp has so many uses, and more and more uses are being discovered regularly as increased legalization efforts make research easier. From textiles to bioplastics to a new plant-based source of protein, hemp is an amazing plant that has all kinds of uses – and an incredibly high demand! Virginia farmers looking to diversify their crops and break into new markets should consider whether their land is suitable for planting industrial hemp. Virginia’s moderate climate is ideal for hemp farming, so consider whether your farm would benefit from planting the market’s newest cash crop! Continue reading