Virginia Farmland for Sale

  • Brooklyn Plantation

    Brooklyn Plantation

    This is it—your expansive country estate where you, your family, and guests will enjoy a gracious and active country lifestyle in this historic (1813) and meticulously restored home
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  • Classic Stone Manor Home

    Classic Stone Manor Home

    Classic Stone Manor Home Available for the first time since its construction, this stunningly beautiful hand crafted stone manor home is located at the base of the Blue
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  • Caret Cellars

    Caret Cellars

    Unveil the potential of Caret Cellars, an expansive winery and vineyard property nestled in Essex County, Virginia, now available for $850,000. Encompassing 45 acres, this property holds promise
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  • Lake Anna Winery

    Lake Anna Winery

    Ideally located within one hour of DC, Richmond, Charlottesville, and only 2 miles from the ever growing resort destination of Lake Anna Virginia. A producer of high quality
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Farmland for Sale in Virginia

For those who visit Virginia and take in the views of many verdant, rolling fields, the state’s long, proud history of farming will come as no surprise. About 4,000 years ago, Native Americans in Virginia domesticated native plants, beginning the first agricultural journey in the region. When European settlers arrived in Virginia, the established agricultural system supported their new settlements. The tobacco crops, in particular, became a cash crop that would leave its mark on the state’s history. 

Today, agriculture is a fundamental part of Virginia’s culture and economy. Farming is Virginia’s largest industry by a significant margin, and it is essential for keeping the region’s economy stable. Whether you’re interested in traditional, modern, or organic farming methods, we can help you to find the right Virginia farmland for sale to meet your needs!


Virginia’s Agricultural Regions

Virginia is known for its mild climate, making it ideal for growing many diverse crops native to different states. If you already know the type of agriculture you’re interested in, we can use our expertise to help you find Virginia farmland for sale in the best region for your needs.


  • Shenandoah Valley: This is one of Virginia’s top regions for agriculture! Rockingham County in particular is in the US’s top 100 for agricultural production and is known as the “Turkey Capital of the World.”
  • Allegheny Plateau: This region in western Virginia is known for its mountainous landscape. It is primarily used for raising livestock. 
  • Ridge and Valley: This region is traversed by the Blue Ridge Mountains. Most of the region is used for pasture for livestock, but there are also fruit tree orchards to the north.
  • Piedmont Region: This region is known for its clay soil and for growing Virginia’s famous cash crop, tobacco. 
  • Tidewater Region: The unique sandy soils in this region support evergreen forests, soybeans, cotton, corn, and wheat.

Top Virginia Farm Products

For those looking to purchase Virginia farmland for sale, these crops are some of the state’s most valuable:

  • Poultry (Over $1 billion)
  • Cattle ($670 million)
  • Corn/Soybeans ($405 million)
  • Other Crops – fruits/nuts, vegetables, grains, and field crops ($320 million)
  • Seafood/Other Animal Products ($240 million)
  • Florals ($200 million)

Market for Virginia Agriculture 

Agriculture is by far Virginia’s largest and most profitable industry. With a total economic impact of $70 billion annually, Virginia’s agricultural industry provides almost 340,000 jobs in the state! Many of Virginia’s top commodities rank in the US’s top 10 for highest production, including tobacco (Virginia ranks 3rd) and apples (Virginia ranks 6th). Virginia farms also export significant amounts, primarily to Canada, Switzerland, and China, in addition to domestic sales of its products. In total, Virginia has over 43,000 farms which average about 180 acres – a total of 7.8 million acres of farmland in Virginia! This fertile, productive state is the ideal place to start your own farm. If you’re interested in joining this market, let our experts help you find the perfect Virginia farmland for sale!