Virginia Farmland for Sale

  • Shenvalee Farm

    Shenvalee Farm

    Incredibly charming historic home, Shenvalee Farm has been in the same family since it was built in 1890. Brimming with unique details and endearing characteristics, this five-bedroom two,
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  • Charming Vineyard & Acreage in Southern Virginia Wine Region

    Charming Vineyard & Acreage in Southern Virginia Wine Region

    On offer is a beautifully sited, and very well maintained wine-grape vineyard located in the Southern Virginia Wine Region noted for a warm to temperate climate, and good
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  • Wonderful Country Estate

    Wonderful Country Estate

    This magnificent country property is in Amherst county Virginia, near Lynchburg, and is just off of VA-130(a designated Scenic VA By-Way) and is only about 3.5 miles from
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  • Sold – Brannon

    Sold – Brannon

    331 acres of gorgeous farmland located in the Shenandoah Valley, which under theย Urban Service Area plan has a wide variety of options for potential development. This ideal Central
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