Why You Should Start a Small Farm and 4 Profitable Small Farm Ideas

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What is a small farm

According to the USDA, a small farm is defined as either a commercial or non commercial farm whose gross profits are less than $250,000 per year. Small farms make up more than 90% of all farms in the United States. Whether the dream is a profitable small farm or a micro farm side hustle, there is a style of farming that is right for you. Below you we discover 4 ways that you could start making money farming now. 

Profitable Small Farm Ideas 

Rural Agriculture 

Rural agriculture is what we think of when we think of farming; living in an area with lots of land and few people. Below are some forms of rural agriculture that you may enjoy if you want to live in the country and enjoy a more solitary life. 

Dual Crop Farming 

Dual Crop Farming is the act of planting two crops in succession to reduce the risk of loss, increase profits and maintain soil health. 

Dairy Farming 

The primary reason to have a dairy farm is to produce cows or goats milk and the resulting dairy products for profit.

Tree Nursery 

If you choose to start a tree nursery you will need to have time and money to see a profit from the product down the road. If you need money sooner rather than later, you can sell trees when they are first planted to buyers and update them regularly on their health and growth until they are ready to leave the farm. Some profitable types of tree farming are:

Instant Shade Trees

Landscapers and homeowners are often willing to pay extra for more mature trees that will provide shade within a year or two of being purchased. 

Flowering Dogwood Tree

This tree is very popular among landscapers because of its lovely flowers in the spring, it is disease resistant and deers leave it alone. 

Japanese Maple Tree

A smaller version of its Maple Tree cousin, this is a beautiful delicate tree with leaves that turn lovely colors in the fall season. 

Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees are once more in favor, making Christmas Tree farms a money making venture. 

Low Capital Farming

You would love to begin farming for profit as a full time job or side hustle but don’t have the capital to buy a lot of acreage. Below you will find 3 types of farming that require little start up cash to begin.

Herb Garden

Growing popular herbs such as rosemary, sage, oregano, basil and marjoram can make you a tidy profit. They are easy to grow on tiny parcels of land or in containers and are easy to ship due to their light weight. 

Bee Farming

As long as you educate yourself first, Bee Farming is one the most profitable forms of small farms. Bee farming allows you to sell honey, honey comb, beeswax and pollination services. Bee farming can easily be an urban farm option. 

Microgreens Farming 

Growing micro greens such as kale, broccoli and arugula does not require a lot of land but does require indoor space or a greenhouse. In order to make a profit you will need to grow a lot of microgreens. Since these are easy to grow in a small amount of space you should be able to easily make growing microgreens a profitable business. 

Urban Agriculture 

Urban Agriculture is the growing, processing and distributing of food in and around urban areas. Below you will find 3 urban agriculture ideas that can become a profitable business. 

Vegetable Landscaping

Vegetable Landscaping is the act of growing fruits and vegetables amongst your flowers and landscape plants. You want to make sure that you are picking fruits and vegetables that will grow in your area and that can be sold at a profit. Create a design for your space to ensure that your landscaping has a purposeful and pleasing look and you’ll be the envy of your neighbors.

Hydroponic Farming

Growing plants in a nutrient rich solution without soil is hydroponic farming. Farming in this manner can save money by reducing labor costs and can be accomplished in a smaller space. 

Rooftop Tea Garden

As the name suggests you will grow loose leaf tea on your roof. You want to be sure to check building codes and that you live in the correct climate zone that supports growing tea leaves.


Agritourism is a working farm open to visitors for educational, recreational or entertainment purposes. Below you will find some of the most popular types of agritourism.

Animal Petting Farm

An animal petting farm is a farm where you allow the public to interact with your animals. You can also rent out your animals for the day or bring them to a fair. 

Fruit Picking Farm

You charge people who come to your farm for the privilege of picking their own fruit or berries. Some pick your own farms also have stores or restaurants where the public can buy the fruit or berries or purchase items created from the fruits and berries.  

Flower Farm

Flower farms are very profitable and are becoming more popular as a farming choice. Flowers require less management than some other crops. You can make money from people touring the gardens in full bloom and selling flowers or items related to flowers in a shop.  

As you can see there are a variety of ways in which you can attain your dream of becoming a farmer. You don’t even have to buy a farm in the country with a huge plot of land. There are simple small ways that you can make a side gig income or even a full time income gardening your way. Which type of farm will you create?

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