Agri-tourism: A Growing Trend

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In the last decade, farming has become a rising trend where people have been leaving their desk jobs to take up farming because some want to get away from the rat race, start a slower paced life while still making an income. What individuals have discovered is you do not need to have millions to purchase farm property but enough for a small down payment (of course depending on the size and type of property) but in return this small purchase can lead to a larger acquisition if you play your cards right. ย Which is why most farms in Virginia are on the smaller scale providing an opportunity to grow and turn their small purchase into a successful business. One way farmers have been growing their business and income is through a new trend known as agri-tourism. What is this you may ask?

During fall have you visited Carter Mountain Farm for apple picking and apple donuts? Or enjoyed sunsets while wine tasting at Veritas? How about enjoying a farm brew and tasty farm to table eats from Woodridge Farm Brewery? This is what is considered agri-tourism; farmers incorporating community-based activities on the farm where you can be educated, become involved in activities, or enjoy their fruits of their labor. Agriculture and tourism is a couple of Virginiaโ€™s top industries which is why this has become a leading trend. Agriculture alone brings in $55 billion a year into the economy! Additional benefits of this part of farming have a potential to increase income, connect to the community and also tax benefits. Just to see how this trend has increased farmers small investment into a successful enterprise, here are a few examples of agri-tourism in Central Virginia:

  • Afton Mountain Winery
  • Woodridge Farm Brewery
  • Carter Mountain Farm
  • Bold Rock Cidery
  • Wild Wolf Brewery
  • Woods Mill Distillery
  • Critzer Farm

Agri-tourism is steadily on the rise to become a major aspect of farming in Virginia. Families and individuals are looking for more opportunity to support local community businesses while wanting fresh locally sourced foods to put on the supper table, new fun family activities that are educational but still adventurous, and date nights that are unique such as concert series at local wineries. Options are endless to what agri-toursim can be for farmers and potential to increase income. So if you are looking to purchase farm property but unsure if the investment is for you. Think of the possibilities a small down payment on farm property can be!

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