Maple Glen Potential Vineyard Winery

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  Maple Glen Farm is an absolutely stunning property showcasing the quintessential traits that make Virginia beautiful. With over 300 acres and the River running through, it’s likely you will come and never want to leave. From the meadows to the plateaus it’s obvious that this property would make for an ideal spot to plant a vineyard as well as house horses, or even cattle.


  The original home was built in 1880 using lumber that was harvested on the surrounding acreage, and milled at Walnut Grove Mill. (The Mill was part of the original farm.) There are multiple buildings on the property in addition to the home. These buildings are still in good standing and are currently rentals.


  The mountain views are absolutely astounding, and the Shenandoah National Park serves as a magnificent backdrop to the Farm. The river frontage is another great aspect of the property, and you will find plenty of trout if you enjoy fishing.


  As for creating a prosperous and fruitful vineyard, the property has been assessed by Virginia’s premier vineyard consultant, Chris Hill. Mr. Hill came to the conclusion that the high plateaus on the property are perfectly suited for European wine grapes. The elevation, drainage, microclimate and soil type are ideally suited for “Vitus Vinifera,” and would make for healthy growing grapes.

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  • Maple Glen Potential Vineyard Winery - SOLD!
  • For Immediate Service: (434) 981-5923
  • Email us for more details
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